Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pesta BBQ di Ulu Yam

yuHuu..kembali gak ke arena bloGgers inii..lm gak x corat-coret diCni..semalamkan 10.08.08 kami kat jbtn Pergkaan N.Sel wat la Pesta BBQ kat Ulu ar g cna..leh mdi2.mkn buah2an ar..aku pe lg , bedal ar buah mgis ler..ngehehe..hubby aku, melantak buah durian la pe lgi..antu durian sguh hubby i..dlm keta pastu ms nak lik umah, mcm nak pengsan rase ye bl dia ye senDawa perisa durian gak..adoi...tgk la tue hubby i ngan anak k.Dina..anak k.dina nie mkn durian gak tau..kalah la aku nie..ngehehehe

korang nak aku ngan yana je clerk admin y g..yana kenai x?dia br je r kawen 02.08.08 ari tue..pengGantin baru ler..aku nie pengantin dah lemau ckit..kukukuku..mkan bbq ye kami kureng ckit..kalo nak kn mkn kn wat nak tahan beb..kami dok bantai ar mkn durian ngan aku byk mkn mges ar..coz mmg mges lg sedap dari durian kan..kak wiEda ngan kak na x dtg..anak memasing skt la plak..pye ar depa2 nie y ajak aku mula2 ye..last2 aku lak y g, depa x dpt g..cmtue la kan kalo dah de i doakan smge ank2 ibu2 mithali ini cpt2 la sembuh..amin..i sugest dah kat cc mtk wat fmly day utk owg admint best ckit..ari tue g mcm t'pggir ja..sob..sob..

yang best s'x ialah time b'kubang ar dlm sungai tue..sejuk gler nsb bek la de hsbnd i..hahaha..pas mkn durian g mdi kan..lega la rs yer..x ar rs pns bdn pas mkn durian tue..mmg lm btoi aku x mdi air sungai nie..dok mdi air paip ja..hahaahaa..ssH gak nak ajak hubby i g tmpat2 i nie kan i gunakan la, k'comEylan i nie ajak hubby i g..berjaya gak tau..mmg seronok toi kami kat cnie..nti nak g waterfall kat kalUmpang lak..turn hubby i yer opis wat family i x kenai la plak kwn2 dia..mpos nti nak g cmner..tadak kawan..jd belangkas ar pe mmg btoi letih g tmpt2 c,mie..kui 6 lebih gak ar smpai ckp kan..jauh b'jln,luas pandangan..peAce..

Monday, June 30, 2008

poWer of Honey

Honey is amongst most important ingredient of home made beauty remedies. Honey is a sweet brownish or yellowish fluid extracted by bees from the nectar of various flowers. Honey has been used as key component of our food from the past few decades. It is also considered to be the most effective beauty aids. Natural honey is best for a healthy and glowing skin.
Honey is a mixture of sugar, wax and traces of minerals. It is suitable for sensitive skin types because of its anti-irritating characteristics also it is very popular as a natural moisturizer for dry skin types. Honey is the key component of many beauty products available at your near by cosmetic store. Most of the big cosmetic brand use honey as key ingredient but such products are very costly you can prepare honey beauty products at your home with some simple techniques.

Before trying honey on your skin first check out whether you skin is allergic to honey or not. You can test the sensitivity of skin by applying honey to a patch around your neck. Here are some of honey beauty tips below:

1. You can prepare a honey mask at your home. Just apply pure honey on your face and leave it for 15 or more minutes until it is completely dry. When the face becomes dry just rinse your face with warm water and you would see some astonishing changes on your skin after the application of honey.
2. Honey can also be used for body glow bath. Always keep a jar of honey in your bathroom and mix with your bath water. It helps to smoothen the skin and moisturizes it also honey gives an overall glow to the body making your skin smoother and shiner. You can apply honey to your skin and pat it dry using both hands. Honey can get sticky sometimes and might pull up your skin so be cautious and pat your skin with honey slowly and gently. When you are done with application of honey rinse it away. Your skin will become more beautiful and with proper circulation you can have beautiful skin.

3. If you wish to have sweet soft and smelling skin then take honey bath. Just add one-fourth to half-cup of honey in your bath water.

4. Honey scrub is considered to be best for dry skin. Just prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of honey along with a little almond flour into the your hand. For a facial scrub just apply this mixture gently over your face. After the application of scrub leave it dry for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water to remove the honey scrub.

5. You can also make a daily facial cleanser with the help of honey. Mix milk powder and one teaspoon of honey on your hands. Apply this mixture on to your face to clean away makeup and dirt. Leave it dry for few minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

Friday, June 27, 2008


nie ari aku tadak mood nak wat keja..aku peng pale sbnr ye ngan keja wat utk bdk2 smbln..smpai la aku x leh nk pasak dlm pale aku pe y nak kn wat sbnr ye..dah la July 2 nie dp suma nak mai len..waduh2..pusing pale y aku nak wat pon tatau..nie dah ari 1 bde pon aku x leh nak pk..sakit2 kalo cmnie..alahai yan..kapan mau pulang..aku butuh bantuan dr mu..huwaaa....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Internet Security For Home Users qouted by

  • Turn off the computer when you’re not using the computer especially the “always on internet conection”
  • Keep laptop and PDA with you always like you would your wallet.
    Back up data regularly
  • Set up automatic update to receive security patches.
  • Limit number of applications installed per machine.
  • Limit the use of cookies and applets.
  • Keep in mind that SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption provided does not mean that the vendor is trustworthy or that its customer information is secure.
  • Think before you do business with a website, limit the financial and personal data given.
  • Never reuse a password for something you care about.
  • Assume that all PINS (personal Indentification numbers) can be easily broken and plan accordingly.
  • Never type password for a service like a bank account without an SSL encrypted page. If the bank or vendor says it is okay, complain to them . It is not okay.
  • Turn off HTML emails, don’t assume that any email from the “From” is really the real deal. Delete spam without reading.
  • Use either a combination or separate antivirus and antispyware.Always update.
  • Use personal firewall software, if can, hide your IP address.
  • Install email and file encryptor, so that you can send sensitive files this way.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a well known fact that money and friends don't mix. It has become worse for me as we own our own sporting good store that specializes in a sport that 98% of all my friends play. :(


actualy tatau la nak tulis pape kat cni..dis my 1st time de blog bgai..lucky my brother creat wat x pa, clik i pon dah de blog gak..kak wieda nama geng ar gak create nie ari blog ye..mula2 tamau, tp pastu dia je r y ngdp ye..wakakaka..keja aku ni nth bl nak p'abes ye pon tatau..dok ngdp bde merapu2 je keja ye..nth la we..